Sales Pages, Blog Posts and Email Sequences? Oh my!

Copywriting giving your Vertigo? Don’t worry, I got a cure for you.

Copywriting doesn’t have to send you breathing into a paper bag.

You are in the right place. If you want to turn words into cold hard cash, I got you.

Whether you want done for you copywriting services, coaching, or just some actionable copywriting advice.

Hi! I’m Willow and I am a total Copywriting Geek!

Quick and Dirty Facts about Me:

  • I started copywriting and freelance writing in 2006 in an agency
  • In 2008, I started offering my services freelance to bloggers and magazines
  • I started my first business at 8 years old
  • I have written for more than 500 websites over the years
  • I have 7 kids and have been a mom for a quarter century now!

When I was 8 years old I decided to start my own business. Being an entrepreneur was in my blood.

I started a door-to-door car detailing service in my neighborhood. I hired my 4-year-old sister and paid her in corner store candy. My favorite part? Branding and creating posters to advertise my business. I guess being a copywriter was always in my blood too.

That year I made my first $2500 and opened my first savings account.

I was completely addicted.

I would go on to start a babysitting agency, offering tutoring, and even run my own backyard day camp for kids during summers all before graduating high school.

But this would all work out to my detriment.

Even though I had started and ran several, successful small businesses as a child and teen, I saw all of this as playing and real adults got real jobs.

I sucked at real jobs. I went from job to job and changed careers an ungodly number of times before 30 years old.

Then I replied to an online job posting for freelance writing.

And the rest is history…